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Charlotte Anne Dore blends puppetry, improvisation, music and storytelling into her energetic marionette shows. All the voices and singing are performed live. Rosalita's Puppets has performed all over New England for over 20 years


Here's a cool promo video http://youtu.be/odSZwb64tTY


If you want to see more videos than the above link we do have a U-tube channel "RosalitasPuppets" and I post a bunch of short informal fun videos on the facebook page "Rosalita The Puppet"

Each marionette show is one of a kind because the audience is invited to answer questions from the puppets, sing along and actively participate throughout the whole marionette show. Marionette shows vary in length from 20-45mins and are reccomended for audiences sizes up to 100. a raised stage or teired seating will allow for a larger audience size.

"The Enchanted Castle" with Fairy Godmother Glitter is our hand puppet show specially designed for larger audiences and for even bigger crowds you can add an additional actor/puppeteer to the show such as "Princess Krystal". We also have a one act Theatre show "The Three Singing Princesses" which is ideal for larger audiences and ticketed stage shows.

Charlotte also presents other hand puppet shows that are fully customizable ;-"Aunty Goose", "Rachel Skullcap Lady Pirate", "The Holiday Elf " and Brand New for 2019 "Mary Puppets" Steampunk Nanny.


For smaller budgets we can offer fantastic storytelling packages. These consist of stories told using puppets, props and masks but without a full booth set up. Because the Storytelling show is all contained in one bag charlotte can move from classroom to classroom.Many of the stories are original and customised for various age ranges.


Most performance packages include a show plus the chance to "meet and greet" the puppets! You can even add on a puppet making workshop if you like.All shows are fully customizable!!!! Call 617-633-2832 to find out more.


Parents please like"Rosalita the puppet" on facebook to have access to last minute updates and cool photos. We are also on instagram #rosalitaspuppets..

Adventure under the sea with a delightful marionette show bringing you pirates, a mermaid and all kinds of sea creatures. The Sea Story is ideal for ages 4 and up but can be adapted for all ages. Other sea themed shows ideal for 6 years and up..The Pirate Prince and The Tale of Two brothers ( also known as X-Marks The Spot).

In The Three Dreams, a princess teaches a bird the value of honesty. This show is ideal for 3-5 year olds but is still great for the whole family. Includes a magical bird, a sorceress, a silly dragon and a king. These characters can be interchangeable at your request. This show is ideal for customization. For example choose a fairy instead of the sorceress.

During In Search of the Unicorn, a princess dreams of unicorns and finally proves to her uncle that they truly do exist. This show's many puppets include a fairy, a unicorn and a dog. Ideal for the whole family

With Goldilocks and the Three Dragons, take an original look at a traditional story. In this show Mummy, Daddy and Baby dragon live happily in the forest till naughty Goldilocks arrives to cause a commotion.

A great show for k and pre-k and their families.

In Jill and the Beanstalk, it's the fairytale with a twist which deals with the choices we each must make in life. Includes Daisy he cow.This story is available with a teacher's educational packet for grades K-3.

In Rosarella, be part of the popular Cinderella story one difference Rosalita plays the part of Cinderella and as an audience the puppets ask you questions about the choices everyone makes. Let your child choose who the prince will marry? Will he choose the ugly sisters or Cinderella as his bride?

In The Enchanted Forest, a king protects the fabulous creatures of his forest from an evil force. This show lends itself to customization as you choose which creatures should be in the forest. Show includes Knights, a dragon and a half man half beast (see photo). This show is great for a "Go Green" or earth day theme, as the knights want to cut down the trees and litter.

The frog prince Gives another fantastic twist to a well-known tale. the princess has to kiss the frog but it turns out to be the wrong frog. Will the princess find the real frog?


The Queen decides to have a competition. She invites all the creatures of the kingdom to the castle to compete in various activities like running, flying, jumping, singing and much more to win the coveted prize. This show brings together many favorite marionettes from other shows to compliment the summer reading theme " On your mark, get set, read". IF you want to see videos of this you can go to the facebook page to see princess Emerald puppet.


This show is great for larger audiences but is more affordable than " The Three Singing Princesses" and is a shorter progam around 30 minutes long. Join princess " Krystal" and fairy Godmother "Glitter" as they tell stories and sing songs and teach the crowd how to be knights and princessess and princes. The show includes 3 short hand puppet stories. Get to meet a fairy puppet and a dragon puppet and a unicorn puppet among other things. We also have a one person version with either a princess or a fairy.


Brand New for 2019 Charlotte Dore portrays the entertaining Nanny "Mary Puppets" with her carpet bag of puppets, props , toys and games. Taking inspiration from the beloved nanny stories of the past come enjoy adventures of charming fantasy. A spoonful of sugar might actually start talking to you. And what can you buy for Tuppence a bag these days?


Let pirate Rachel Skullcap visit with a selection of pirate themed puppet stories " The Pirate and the Parot" "The Pig who would be Pirate" and " The Brave princess" plus additional pirate stories if requested. This show includes glove puppets and one marionette and includes an old fashioned style puppet booth. Ideal for all ages.


For larger audiences and bigger budgets try our brand new show!!!! A musical featuring 3 singers , masks, puppets and audience participation. Presented in collaboration with "Stiletto Singers". Three princesses use music to help them in their journey to find their dad. Full 45 minute version ideal for outdoor events, school assemblies and theatres. In the photo singer/ dancer, actor Becki Dennis with the fairy puppet animated by Charlotte Dore and the Unicorn puppet animated by Carol Grossi.



"EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE" Rosalita has always dreamed of going to Egypt to see the pyramids. When she arrives in the heart Cairo she goes to the bustling market. There she meets a merchant who sells her a beautiful amulet. Little does she know that it was found by a dog in the desert and it belongs to an ancient Mummy. Through the power of the ancient amulet Rosalita is taken to the desert where she finds the mummy and helps the mummy return to the underworld. Meet a Pharo, Anubis, a mummy, a donkey, a scarab beetle and a dog on this fantasy adventure, while still learing about Egypt on the way. Ideal show for the theme "One world, Many Stories" and for ages 6 and up.



"THE SPACE SHOW" Boldly go where no puppet has gone before as Rosalita travels by space ship to a planet inhabited by Robots. This show has prooved very popular with all ages. From the very young up to 12 years. Adults enjoy some of the references to popular culture space tv shows.


"ROSALITA AND THE GIANT BUGS"Rosalita shrinks down to the size of her garden bugs and goes on an adventure. She must search low and high just to find the dragon fly. When she finds the dragon fly she'll be able to turn back to her normal size. This show references the classic stories of "Alice in wonderland" and "Wizard of Oz". Audiences can try and spot the references. The show is great to link with reading for spring/summertime activities. It includes a variety of bug marionettes including a giant spider and butterfly as shown. Great for all ages.


"AESOPS FABLES" Short marionette tales, ideal for the very little ones (pre- k and younger). The show is broken up into 4 sections so the audience can stretch etc between stories. The standard program consists of "The Fox and The Crow", "The Town mouse and the county mouse", "The fisherman and his catch",The Donkey and the Lap dog".Also available on request you can mix in "The fox and the grapes","The man and the Satyr","The Ant and the Chrysalis","The Cat and the Maiden". For older audiences,you can combine one or two fables with the telling of "Theseus and the Minataur". Also you can meet "Hercules"

"THE NUTCRACKER"Marionette show telling the story of Clara. Clara receives the best gift from her Uncle a beautiful Nutcracker. when her brothers cat breaks it she is upset but falls asleep. during her dream the Nutcracker comes to life, battles the mouse king and takes Clara to the land of the Sugar Plum fairy.

"THE STORY OF PURIM" custom show created 2007 to tell the story of Purim with all the traditional characters. Since then I have performed the show many times for all ages.The show in it's entirety runs around 45 minutes unless some of the scenes and story are skipped. Scene from the show below.


"THE NATIVITY" When Mary and Joseph have to leave their home they have no where to stay but a simple stable. The star shines bright and a baby is born. This show is ideal for church groups and bible schools but is entertaining for all.

"RUMPLETOADSTOOL" Rosalita has a drum, not a spinning wheel that turns straw to gold. This show is great for 5 and up. For 2018 we also added a harp so its great for music themed programs or summer reading " Libraries Rock"

" SUPER FAIRY AND THE SOUP" Leopold just can't cook. No one wants to visit because his soup tastes so bad. It's time for Super fairy to save the day.

"THE IMP AND THE PONY" A friendly imp loves his pet pony but when a king tries to take the pony the imp has to use his brains to stop the king.

"AUNTY GOOSE" . Aunty Goose can visit and tell stories with HAND puppets. Her current program stories are"The Dragon and the Doctor" "The Magicians Rabbit" and " The Golden Goose". This show is great for little ones, it has plenty of songs and audience participation.

"STORYTELLING"Charlotte can also arrive just as herself ( or any other character) and lead games, activities, tell/ read stories play songs as appropriate for the little ones with just a few props and one or two puppets. Everything is contained in one suitcase so set up is minimal. There is no backdrop or set. This is a Great program for those on a budget. Charlotte has been working as a storyteller for "Read Boston" for 5 years and the majority of the stories she tells are original (written by Charlotte) and have been carefully crafted over time. She is constantly developing new stories.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Dragon
tells the story of a poor Dragon who is called names by all the other Dragons so goes in Search of the Holiday spirit and finds it in the North Pole. Yes you guessed it this is an adaptation of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It can be performed with or without Santa.



Winter Wonderland is a special holiday show! It can be performed with or without Santa. Or perhaps try"Mrs. Clause and the Ice Queen" or " Its a Loverly Holiday with Grandma"

Santa's Sleigh
is a Christmas show with Santa, Mrs. Claus, a silly elf and a white horse.

The Haunted Woods -- a special Halloween show --
features spiders, ghosts and witches.

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