Hand Puppet shows ( Glove puppets)


The Enchanted Castle

 This fabulous Hand Puppet show is great for the whole family.Meet Godmother Glitter as she protects the Enchanted castle from the dragon. Enjoy a selection of fun stories and meet all kinds of puppets from a Unicorn  and a rabbit to a prince and a frog . This show is available for livestream.


Winter Holiday Puppet Show

Dressed as your choice of Holiday Elf, Ice Queen, Mrs Clause or Cook celebrate the Winter holidays with  Moose, snowman Elenor and Annabelle and more. We can custom this show to present with or without Santa. 3 hand puppet skits “ The delicious dinner” “The snowman’s hat” “ I am not Elsa”

Mother Goose. Goose puppet. Auntie. Aunty Goose

Aunty Goose

Charlotte will visit your venue as Aunty Goose. Mother Goose‘s sister. Enjoy 3 puppet skits. Each can be customized for your event. Many of the  puppets are hand made by Charlotte Dore. Lots of audience participation with call and responses , clapping and music. Is very well suited to younger age range. 3-5

Pirate puppets

Rachel skullcap Lady Pirate interactive puppet show

Join Rachel Skullcap and her crew of puppets . Hear the story of “The Brave Princess”, “ The Pirate and the Parrot” and  “The Pig who would Pirate”Meet Polly and join the crew. A fun interactive hand puppet show for all ages.


Mary Puppets. (Steampunk Nanny)

 Meet Mary puppets as she presents 3 fun original stories With Mary, Burt, a Puppy, a kite, an umbrella and a sewer rat among other things. This show premiered in 2019 at the Watch City Steampunk festival in Waltham MA. Photo image courtesy of Ashton photography 


Pumpkin Party Puppet show

A great show for October. With puppet skits “Witches Brew”, “ Dracula and The zombies” and “Pumpkin party” can add or replace a story with “The Brave Princess”