Marionette shows.

Mermaid marionette puppet from Rosalita’s Puppets

The Sea Story marionette show

Adventure under the sea with Miranda the mermaid as she saves the pirate. In this very popular show meet sea creatures, pirates and Pinocchio. Ideal for all ages.  This show can be livestreamed and has a 6 episode  recorded version..We also have 2 other pirate marionette shows “The Pirate Prince” and “The Tale of Two brothers” ideal for 6 and older.

Unicorn and bird marionette puppet from In Search Of The Unicorn by Rosalita’s Puppets

"In Search Of The Unicorn" marionette show

One of our most popular shows. Rosalita is a day dreamer and a reader of books. She wants to use her imagination rather than do chores for her Uncle. A magical bird takes her to dreamland where she finds a unicorn and faces the dragon.

Butterfly marionette puppet from Rosalita’s Puppets ideal for birthday parties

"Rosalita And The Giant Bugs" marionette show

Rosalita shrinks down to the size of her garden bugs and goes on an adventure. Taking references from “Alice in Wonderland” and “Wizard of Oz” this show is great for spring and literacy themes. It includes a spider, a ladybug, an ant, a butterfly and a caterpillar marionette. Rosalita must search low and high just to find the dragonfly and if she finds the dragonfly she’ll get back to her normal size.

Goldilocks marionette puppet built by puppeteer Charlotte Anne Dore Of Rosalita’s Puppets

"Goldilocks And The Three Dragons" marionette show

Goldilocks causes mischeif in the dragon household when she steals the gold, spills the drinks and takes the meat. Meet mummy, daddy and baby dragon and teach Goldilocks how to behave.

Robot puppets. Marionettes built by Charlotte Anne Dore. Best birthday party show

"The Space Show" marionette show

When Rosalita discovers an unknown planet in the telescope she decides to boldly go where no puppet has gone before. The planet is filled with Robots. By accident Rosalita brings a metal eating bug to the planet. With help from her assistant Simon and the Robot family they get rid of the metal eating bug and find their way home. This imaginative show is great to introduce conversations about women in science, space, and discovery. 

Queen marionette. Fairytales. Birthday parties. Puppet show.

"Fairytale Olympics" marionette show

Queen Emerald decides to hold an Olympics for the fairytale creatures of her kingdom. What happens when one of the contestants cheats? Great for discussing themes about sportsmanship, and self esteem.

Cow marionette puppet from puppet show available in New England.

"Jill And The Beanstalk" marionette show

An original adaptation of the famous fairytale. Meet Daisy the cow and help Jill decide what to do with the beanstalk and the Ogre.

Hand made marionettes by Charlotte and Georgiev

"Rumpletoadstool" marionette show

An original take on the traditional fairytale Rumplestiltskin. The king believes Rosalita can make gold by playing her drum. Why is the King so mean and greedy? Rumpletoadstool and his toads must help Rosalita turn straw to gold and Rosalita must turn the kings heart warm from cold.

Halloween puppet show. Marionettes.Ghost puppet.

"The Haunted Woods" marionette show

A fun Halloween marionette show that’s spooky, funny and not scary ( unless you want it to be) we can custom this show for various ages.

Theseus and the Minataur. Marionette for Greek Myths.

"Aesop’s Fables/ Theseus & The Minataur" marionette show

3 short marionette pieces:- “ The Fox and The Crow”, “The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse”, “The Donkey and the Farmer” we can also custom to add a different fable or an excerpt from “Theseus and The Minataur”

Unicorn puppet

"The Enchanted Forest" marionette show

The king protects the forest but when the Imp tribes to chop down trees and throw trash, something has to be done. This show is ideal for “Go Green“ themes. After the show we can also talk about how the puppets were built using recycled and repurposed materials.

Dragon and Nutcracker marionette puppet from Rosalita’s Puppets

"Rudolph The Red Nosed Dragon" ( and more) Holiday marionette shows

This delightful adaptation of the Rudolph story is great for winter time and can be presented with or without Santa. We also have some other holiday marionette shows.. “Winter Wonderland”, “Mrs Clause and The Ice Queen”, “ Santa’s Sleigh” &“Its a lovely Holiday With Grandma”

More marionette shows to choose from

Fairy marionette. Rosalita’s Puppets. Best puppet show in New England.

"Super Fairy And The Soup" marionette show

Leopold is just terrible at cooking . So terrible, his freinds never stay for dinner. If he wants Rosalita to stay for dinner he’s going to need help from super Fairy.

Egyptian marionettes. Puppets. Boston a really puppet show.

"The Egyptian Adventure" marionette show

When  Rosalita arrives in Cairo for her vacation , she buys a trinket that turns out to be an ancient amulet belonging to the mummy. The mummy must get his amulet back so he can travel  with Anubis to see his family in the underworld.

Cinderella puppet show. Marionettes

"Cinderella/ Frog Prince/ Red Riding Hood" marionette shows based on traditional stories

Any one of these three shows is a great way to hear a well known fairy tale in a different way. Rosalita‘s puppets takes a story and uses her  marionettes to make it come to life’s with the help of audience suggestions. Each show is a separate 35-45 minute show. We can also custom other fairytales 

Photo by Lynn wayne. Rosalita’s Puppets. Puppet shows in Boston. Marionettes

"The Three Dreams" marionette show

A princess is lonely and the bird tries to cheer her up by bringing her gifts. When she finds out the bird took them she is upset. The bird must return everything and be brave enough time I face the consequences. We can customize which 3 puppets the bird takes things from... the unicorn, the dragon, the king , the fairy, the dog, the sorceress... you can choose. Great for birthday parties. Teaches about true friendship and honesty.

Nutcracker marionette puppet show. Holiday puppet show

"The Nutcracker" marionette show

A wonderful adaptation of the Nutcracker with music and dancing. See the beautiful ballet dancing marionettes . 

Marionette puppet by puppeteer Charlotte dore

"The Story Of Purim" marionette show

Using animals instead of people as some of the messengers in the story we tell the story of Queen Ester and  Mordechi and how they overcome prejudice and adversity.

Nativity puppet show. Christmas puppet show.

"The Nativity" marionette show

Tells the story of a family forced to travel far from home. A mother who has to give birth in a stable. A shepherd and a king who find hope by following the star.