Storytelling Programs

Storytelling with puppets


Charlotte will arrive with a suitcase of puppets, props and masks and tell fun Stories. She has also created custom shows to accompany movie nights including “Paddington station stories”and “Jungle adventure game” and is always happy to discuss other ways to custom stories to your event. 

Preschool and younger


Yes we can present for children under 3 years old. We love to use songs and clapping, simple movement and repetition to create customized programming with a story element.

Teen stories


Teens love a good ghost story and we have many. Having worked in Salem and in Boston for years telling ghost stories, Charlotte has many local ones that she has adapted for teens and tweens. She also has some original spooky tales that can be customized to fit the age. For older teens /adult audience  she has a full theatre style show “ Doll Makers Ghost” and other shows including cabaret work check out her professional actor page